Our Mission: to Inspire creatives to grow and develop themselves,

and in turn, develop and grow the community around them


The Creation of UrbanYEG

March 2015


URBANYEG started when Chan Rin noticed a gap in the Edmonton photography community - there was no way for photographers to meet, connect and learn from each other, despite a multitude of talent being showcased on Instagram.

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focus on mental health

october 2015


In the Fall of 2015, one of our community members tragically died by suicide. It then became clear we had to do more to make a true impact in our community. URBANYEG evolved once again to focus more on mental health initiatives. This new direction was a turning point for URBANYEG and it remains a core value in everything we do.

URbanyeg Instameets

april 2015


However, if we were truly going to connect with other creatives, URBANYEG had to move beyond a digital platform to face-to-face interactions. So our first InstaMeet was born! Together we ventured out to explore, take photos and get to know each other a little bit better. In that moment, it was clear that InstaMeets were something people were interested in. Since then, we are proud to have hosted more than 20 InstaMeets across Edmonton.

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community building, community support

january 2020


Fueled by our desire to expand our skills and support mental health and community initiatives, we have now grown into a team of 17 volunteers who all work together through photography, graphic design, event planning, marketing and more to make this city a better place. Because of our dedicated team, URBANYEG has grown beyond InstaMeets to include Workshops, Panel Discussions, Art Auctions, Clothing Drives, Fundraisers, Contests, Blogs, Newsletters and Podcasts. We aim to create a space for creatives to learn, grow, develop, socialize, create, share,

We are proud to have supported numerous charities and initiatives throughout the years such as Hope MissionThe Mustard Seed and Momentum Walk-In Counselling.

Stay tuned for more exciting things coming this year...

Click the link below to listen to URBANYEG Podcast 001 Chan Rin: The Founder's Story of URBANYEG

Our Story


Our volunteers are the true heart of our organization


Our volunteers work tirelessly to ensure we are constantly inspiring and growing our community.

Our goal is to consistently do more for the creatives in Edmonton, and our dedicated team is always behind the scenes ensuring that all the pieces fit together. They prove time and time again that we simply couldn’t do what we do without them.

Click on a team member's photo to learn more about them.

chan rin

Founder & Director

Kristin Breitkreutz

Blog Manager

Evan Wong

Operations Manager

Jeffrey KElly

Community Engagement


Eric petersen

Community Partnerships


Karen Vuong

Community Engagement



Kathy Le

Mental Health Team Manager

Emily Welz

Community Engagement


Our team




Community is at the heart of all of our initiatives. We continue to collaborate with many different

people and organizations in Edmonton on projects and events that our community

and our team are passionate about.

Whether that be InstaMeets and Panel Discussions or Clothing Drives and Mental Health Fundraising,

growing and giving back to our community are at our core.




InstaMeets have become an integral part of URBANYEG. These events focus on giving local photographers an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, learn new photography skills and shoot in unique Edmonton areas. These events are free for anyone to show up, with any camera (even a phone) or even no camera. Just come and see what it's all about! Check out our Blog posts for recaps of past InstaMeets.

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Workshops are a more intimidate experience that focus on learning about a specific type of photography. Each Workshop is led by an industry expert who gives hands on instructions on how to shoot in that style. This is an amazing way to expand your skills and build your portfolio. Make sure to check out our Events calendar for any upcoming Workshops.

Panel Discussions


Panel Discussions are a unique experience as we bring in industry experts on various topics to come and present their knowledge. Attendees then have the opportunity to ask questions. These events are a great way to learn more about a specific topic from people who really know what they're talking about. Make sure to check out our Events calendar for any upcoming discussions.

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community initiatives

edmonton's food bank


The Edmonton Food Bank is committed to the mantra: Relieving hunger today. Preventing hunger tomorrow. The Food Bank has, unfortunately, seen a decrease in donations the past few years, with an increase in Edmontonians needing service. We organized a food drive at WEM and collected a ton of food from our community members! By giving to Edmonton's Food Bank we are not only feeding people..we are giving hope and creating a kinder community.


THE bissell centre


The Bissell Centre restores hope for Edmontonians in need. The work they do is paramount to supporting our communities vulnerable populations and we are proud to have raised money through our events to help their cause.

THE mustard seed


The Mustard Seed is a safe and supportive place for those experiencing poverty and homelessness. They strive to bring hope to the lives of Edmontonians. URBANYEG is proud to have partnered with the Mustard Seed and brought hope to our community. 


community partners



We are extremely happy to have established a partnership with Oodle Noodle. Oodle Noodle is passionate about supporting local artists and growing our community through grassroot initiatives. This alignment of values has made our partnership invaluable. Our partnership has helped us host gallery contests, give prizes and so much more. We could not do what we do without their support. Thank you!

shady ape


Shady Ape teaches mindfulness meditation in Edmonton. They believe that in order to live a meaningful, joyful life, we need to experience real, authentic connection with one another and with ourselves. We couldn't agree more! That is why we partnered with Shady Ape to bring a donation based Meditation Series to our community. With proceeds going to support Momentum Walk-in Counselling. Check our Events Calendar for upcoming meditation sits.

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Momentum Walk-In Counselling is a free mental health walk-in clinic in Edmonton. They offer many amazing service to help people through mental health issues. Supporting mental health is at the core of URBANYEG's values so we teamed up with Momentum to raise money to support their services. Money raised from our events goes to Momentum so they can continue to do what they do best.



URBANYEG has been lucky to find partners whose values align with ours, such as Councillor Scott McKeen and Mayor Don Iveson. The City was inspired by what we were doing with mental health and wanted to help us grow our initiatives such as addressing urban isolation. With their support we have put on photo contests and a pop-up art gallery to engage and support our community members.

McBain Camera

McBain Camera Inc. has been serving Edmonton and the Province of Alberta since 1949. They have a passion for photography and supporting our local photographers. McBain has partnered with URBANYEG on numerous contests, allowing us to award amazing prizes to our community members. We look forward to more events to come!

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URbaNYEG insidER





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