• Kathy Le

2020 Reflections by the UrbanYEG Team Part 1

As 2020 comes to an end, members of the UrbanYEG team wanted to share their personal accounts of a high and a low from over the last year. This winter season may be filled with various and contradicting emotions, and we wanted to especially reflect on one of the most memorable years yet. This is a reminder that we are all in this together- in both the ups and the downs and into the new year. Here is a submission from UrbanYEG team member Tripat Sahi (@tripatsahi). “I recently experienced the loss of a very close loved one that I thought would be a part of my journey for a lot longer. Coming to terms that my friend will only live in my memories has been one of the lowest moments of 2020 for me. Learning to pick up the pieces after this loss has not been easy, but it’s also made me realize the love for the people that are close to me. This loss has made me appreciate the year where the world shut down just a little more. How you ask? During quarantine I was able to spend time with my family after 4 years of living abroad. I had the pleasure of building a much deeper connection with my family and I’m very grateful since who knows when we will get this much time together in the future. Through the biggest low of this year, I was able to relish the up’s of 2020 that much more. I am so grateful for family and friends that have really showed up for me during this year through the ups and downs. Although it hasn’t been easy, I will cherish the memories and lessons learned from this pandemic year. “

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