• Kathy Le

2020 Reflections by the UrbanYEG Team Part 3

As 2020 comes to an end, members of the UrbanYEG team wanted to share their personal accounts of a high and a low from over the last year. This winter season may be filled with various and contradicting emotions, and we wanted to especially reflect on one of the most memorable years yet. This is a reminder that we are all in this together- in both the ups and the downs and into the new year. Here is a submission from UrbanYEG team member Kathy Le (@bluesky020).

“Right before the pandemic hit in March, I was finally approved to practice as a registered provisional psychologist. This journey had been 9 years in the making-five years of undergrad, two years of a masters, and two years of completing my registration. For the first time ever, I could finally work as a professional in my career. As an essential worker, I had the privilege of maintaining my job, income, and stability. Sometimes I feel guilty celebrating this accomplishment because I know there are many others who have not had this luxury.

The most difficult thing about the year 2020 has been managing my overall feeling of grief. I have been lucky in that I have not lost anyone close to me. The grief I feel is for the loss of so many opportunities and moments from over the year that cannot be taken back. I had to postpone my wedding into 2021 and I am disappointed that it will not happen the way I envisioned. I have seen so many plans cancelled, holidays and celebrations minimized, and opportunities taken away because of the pandemic. It might sound silly, but I believe that it is these moments that make-up what it means to be human and find joy in life. I have come to terms with who I am in the pandemic and how this may not reflect who I was before. I am also practicing self-compassion knowing that my waves of fatigue, lack of motivation, impatience, numbness, and apathy, are a result of this grief I feel.”

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