• Kathy Le

2020 Reflections by the UrbanYEG Team Part 4

As 2020 comes to an end, members of the UrbanYEG team wanted to share their personal accounts of a high and a low from over the last year. This winter season may be filled with various and contradicting emotions, and we wanted to especially reflect on one of the most memorable years yet. This is a reminder that we are all in this together- in both the ups and the downs and into the new year. Here is a submission from UrbanYEG Director Chan Rin (@vividribbon).

“The biggest highlight of the year for me was having a new family member. We welcomed Kyle, our second child in February. It took almost two years for him to be conceived and we were just about to start the process of getting help from fertility experts when we found out Allison was pregnant so we didn’t have to do anything further, which was a huge relief. He is so full of life and joy and we’re thankful to have him.

Aside from COVID, the hardest thing we’ve had to deal with was water damage to our house. Our family was displaced for almost 3 months and dealing with the restoration company was a very frustrating and disheartening experience. After those 3 months, it took another almost 3 months for them to just fix the errors they made to our house. Being out of our home for that long while caring for young children and trying to deal with the restoration company at the same time took a lot out of us. We’re glad that it’s over and happy to be putting that time back into what matters most to us.”

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