• Kristin Breitkreutz

A Golden Evening at InstaMeet 22

On August 27th, URBANYEG hosted its 22nd InstaMeet at Ezio Faraone Park where community members had the opportunity to photograph portraits and landscapes from golden hour through nightfall. The park granted a stunning view of the High Level Bridge and river valley, as well as trees wrapped in lights that lit up after sunset, adding beautiful bokeh to night-time captures. A Bluetooth speaker with an upbeat playlist and a handful of vibrant LED lights rounded out the lively atmosphere.

Photographers enjoyed utilizing the spaces the park had to offer – a gorgeous vantage point, access to a bridge, a gazebo, unexpected fire-dancers, and a delightful appearance of a hot air balloon. 

Some of the models included Tatjana, Abby, Karen, Devlynn, and Maham, who posed for photographers and helped to create unique portraits throughout the evening. 

Throughout the evening, photographer Brandon Remeika ran small workshops on long exposure photography, sharing his expertise on the settings, location, and using a tripod. Some of his tips include:

  • Make sure the camera is as still as possible.

  • Use a stable tripod and set a 2 second timer.

  • Be sure to turn off optical stabilization on the lens when it’s on the tripod.

  • Close down your aperture to block out more light (higher f number) but avoid going over f/16 for maximum sharpness.

  • Use manual focus at night and digitally zoom in to nail focus.

  • When taking long exposures at night, start with a higher ISO and faster shutter speed in order to set your composition without having to wait 30 seconds. Once satisfied with the composition, turn the ISO down and shoot your long exposure.

  • If you require a longer exposure, use an ND filter to block out some light.

Thanks to Brandon for running his workshops, and thank you to everyone who came out! It was a fun-filled evening!

You can find photos from InstaMeet 22 under the #URBANYEGIM22 hashtag on Instagram. See you at IM23!

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