• Kathy Le

Aspects of Wellness and Self-Care

When it comes to taking care of yourself, it is helpful to check-in and notice what areas of your wellness are lacking. Listening to your needs and actively working to fulfill them will not only create a better head space, but also re-energize you when you are running on empty.

Because humans are social and caring beings, we are often in situations where we are constantly giving to others. However, this can only last for so long before we begin to become negative towards others and ourselves.

Did you know that there are eight different aspects of wellness? These include:

  • physical (exercise, diet, sleep)

  • social (sense of connection, interpersonal relationships)

  • occupational (meaningful work)

  • financial (money, budget)

  • environmental (nature, geography)

  • spiritual (sense of meaning and purpose)

  • emotional (attitude and feelings)

  • intellectual (knowledge, skills, abilities).

Taking care of yourself should no longer be seen as a selfish act but instead be a healthy and essential part of your daily routine. Here are some ideas for ways you can incorporate self-care in the different aspects of wellness:

  • Drink water to stay hydrated throughout the day - especially first thing in the morning!

  • Adopt a plant or create your own mini garden to enjoy nature in your own home

  • Create a weekly budget that incorporates the fun stuff but also ensure that your bills are paid on-time

  • Identify one thing you are grateful for, one way you challenged yourself, and one positive thing about your day

  • Park a little further away or get off the bus a stop early to get a few extra steps in

  • Take a weekly class in an activity you enjoy such as painting, cooking, or spin

  • Volunteer for an organization or cause important to you

  • Meditate and self-reflect before bed to unwind your mind from the busy-ness of your day

  • Plan a meal or movie night with people who uplift your spirits

  • De-clutter your space by getting rid of things that no longer bring you joy or serve a purpose

  • Obtain a free Edmonton Public Library card and read on topics you love as well as want to learn about

  • Connect with a professional about your mental health concerns so that you have a safe space to sort through your thoughts and feelings

  • Photograph things that speak to you without attaching judgments of whether the photo turns out good or bad

You are just as deserving of self-care as everyone else in your life! Taking care of yourself might seem odd at first, but habits take time, practice and dedication to form. Here at URBANYEG we strive to normalize conversations around self-care and support creatives with a love of photography as we know this can have a huge positive influence on our community members’ wellbeing.

Thanks for reading and don’t be afraid to reach out if you need some extra ideas!

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