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Building an Appetite for Food Photography

On July 27th, Jessica Slabchenko of hosted a food blogging and photography workshop in collaboration with URBANYEG. Taking place in City Hall’s Hallway Café, this was a ticketed event where all the proceeds went towards local charity e4c. e4c is a non-profit, charitable organization that has been working for almost 50 years to help vulnerable people here and now. At the same time, they’re working to prevent and eventually eliminate poverty. They focus on food security, shelter and housing, community and collaborations, education and skill development. You can learn more and donate to e4c here!

The Hallway Café provided the group with some mouth-watering dishes, ranging from pastries and salads to sandwiches and pizzas. You can check out their menu here!

Before the workshop began, Shannon with e4c and Judy with the City of Edmonton shared some further insight on the charity and its efforts to tackle poverty through food, housing, community, and education.

Jessica began the workshop by demonstrating how she takes photos of food and sharing some of her tips:

  • Have a theme – Jessica’s theme alternates between angled and bird’s eye view shots

  • Utilize natural lighting

  • Picture what your photos look like cropped into a square – that’s how they’ll appear on your Instagram grid

  • Separate food items into different shots for more content

  • Focus on one food item while having other foods in the background to create pleasing depth of field

  • Stagger your posts – not everyone will see your photo when you post it, so posting another food image from the same restaurant every few weeks will help advertise that restaurant better

After Jessica shared her insight, participants were encouraged to grab a plate and experiment with their own food shots will practicing her advice.

Everyone enjoyed practicing and expanding their food photography skills – they also enjoyed getting to eat the photogenic dishes when the workshop concluded!

Edmonton has an amazing, diverse and competitive foodie community – which is why I love it. The people involved with the industry and the adjacent bloggers are great. The diversity allows us to keep trying new things and learn more about different food cultures. The competition is friendly and pushes everyone to improve, be different. I think that food blogging is something anyone can pick up – I actually encourage it because there’s only so much food I can eat. Plus it’s so subjective and everyone’s taste is different so it makes sense why blogging if so popular! 
Leading a workshop with URBANYEG was amazing! I love that URBANYEG allows people like me to help people get some more info and tips that I’ve learned throughout food blogging. I love the idea of coming together at a local spot and help each other grow and improve. Can’t wait for the next workshop!
Jessica Slabchenko

Thank you to everyone who came out to this workshop and supported e4c, to the Hallway Cafe for being a wonderful venue, and to Jessica for being an incredible teacher. See you all at the next workshop!

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