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Insider Tips with Jill Sakowsky: Adventure and Landscape Photography

Adventuring Canada and Alberta has quickly become Jill’s way of grounding her feet over the past few years, giving a sense of appreciation for the world that we live in today. Her home is downtown in the concrete Jungle of Edmonton, but her heart resides deep in the forests and on top of the mountain summits of Alberta. This is where you typically can find Jill on the weekends while she’s not in the office, or being a community leader in the photography world. 

She started taking photos and studying photography in 2014 when she received her photography Diploma from The Photography Institute. Jill is also a passionate community leader within Edmonton by running a social media page called @instagramyeg. This is where her and a team of volunteers support other photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. They create opportunities for others to be recognized by, through events and sharing their photos throughout the year. Instagramyeg also partners with local Alberta brands to provide unique experiences where photographers can win some products that the amazing businesses have. Their aim is to connect people face to face, and help guide them through new phases of their photography by allowing them to ask questions at events, learn new techniques, and hone editing skills as they are ever-changing in the digital & social media world.

1. What inspired you to pick up a camera?

My dad, who used to shoot film in university and inspired me to sign up for my photography Diploma which we completed together. I love his take on the world through a lens, which was initially focused on architecture, but now with a DSLR he broadened his portfolio to landscapes as well. It’s been a great adventure to watch him progress to digital, and expand his horizons.

2. What do you wish you knew as a beginner photographer?

The history of film, to SLR, to DSLR. I slowly learned everything but over the course of quite a few years. I find it all very fascinating. 

3. What has been your biggest challenge with photography and how did you overcome it? 

Learning how ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed all work together. I overcame this by printing out a legend of what each of them represent and how they can alter a photo. 

4. What gear is essential for adventure photography?

Pizza and beer (JK). Good clothing, because you never know what weather you will run into. For photography gear, a backpack or carrying case that goes within a hiking pack to protect your gear. I tend to travel light on my hikes lately, sometimes only even bringing my Gopro (6 Black). 

5. Number one piece of advice for photographing landscapes?

Have your camera accessible for the moments when the light changes, and you tell yourself, “Wow, this is absolutely stunning”. There’s been many times that I’ve run into a situation where my camera is buried in my pack, and I see an opportunity that I let pass me by. On the way home, I end up regretting not having my camera more readily accessible. One piece of equipment I hike with when I do have my Nikon is a Peak Design Clip which secures tightly to your hiking backpack shoulder strap and you can clip and easily clip out your camera. Best investment I’ve made for hiking photography.

Thank you, Jill, for sharing some of your tips!

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