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Insider Tips with Tatjana Devic: Modelling and Styling

Hi, my name is Tatjana I am a model, stylist and 4th year university student.

I am a full time Human Ecology undergraduate student at the University of Alberta, and I specialize in textile science. My passion lies in the innovation and product development in protective clothing. In the near future, I plan to complete a masters degree focusing on future technical applications of smart textiles and nano-materials. I also work part-time with a local Edmonton based company called Blu’s as a model, stylist, social media content creator and sales associate. Additionally, I have modelled for six years. I first started modelling with a company called Chan International; however, I currently freelance model in order for me to create my own schedule. My experience in modelling includes print, editorial, runway, and trade shows.

I first got into modelling before I was introduced to styling. I started modelling in 2014 through classes at Chan International in West Edmonton Mall. They helped me establish the basics to work off of, which allowed me to feel more comfortable posing and walking a runway. I started styling photo shoots in 2016, through my freelance modelling jobs as well as my part time job at Blu’s; having an entire store at your discretion for photoshoots really let my creativity run wild. I get to style pieces from various brands such as (Marc Cain, Luisa Cerano, Dorothee Schumacher, etc).

When I first started, I would pose in front of a mirror and slightly manipulate my body in order to create interesting poses that felt natural. Seeing how your body looks at different angles allows you to remember what poses you have practiced and be able to adjust in front of a camera. I always try to make interesting shapes with my body to create a more dynamic photo. Remember, the more you feel comfortable trying different and unique poses in front of a camera the more fun you’ll have at a photo shoot!

I select a specific theme to narrow down what I can choose to create a cohesive outfit. Whether it be a specific timeline (like 1960’s Paris, or vintage Americana) or a certain colour story. Then I usually create a digital mood board using apps like Pinterest to help me visualize how I want to convey my theme. Next I pull out a couple outfits and try them on to solidify my choice, changing things up and adding accessories to complete the look. I tend to pick out one or more statement pieces and build around it with complementary colours and textures in order to create an interesting outfit.

I draw inspiration from all the top supermodels of the 80s and 90s, specifically Coco Rocha and her variety of posing. Watching Coco Rocha’s behind the scenes at photo shoots really inspires me to move in front of a camera. I closely follow fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle editorials/campaigns for posing and styling inspiration, as they tend to expand my perspective on high fashion. I love any editorials that take place in an interesting location that are juxtaposed with a chic outfit.

I believe that styling avant guard and high fashion clothing shouldn’t be daunting! Get weird and wear something you normally wouldn’t for a photo shoot or try posing in a unique way. It can be a fun challenge for both model and photographer to create interesting portraits.

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