• Kathy Le

New Year, New Goals

As we move in to 2020, our team wanted to reflect on their goals or resolutions for the upcoming year.

“This year I am going to focus on my health. Eating more whole foods. Continue going to the gym twice per week. Taking breaks from work to reduce burnout.”

– Chan Rin, Founder & Director

“My ideal resolution for 2020 would be 3840 x 2160, however, I’ll be a bit more realistic. I don’t really set resolutions, however, this year I have set intentions to be more active, more social and settle into and allow my vulnerability more often. I know I can serve more people and broaden my own possibilities if I am able to seek out those three aspects of life. ”

– Jeff Kelly, Community Engagement Manager

“I hope to spend my time with my family, friends, and UrbanYEG teammates doing things that bring us all together. It’s my belief that we should bring joy to those around us and I plan on doing just that. :)”

– Saniya Ghalehdar, Organizational Manager

“So I don’t do resolutions per se, as I have several goals that I work towards simultaneously. In this instance my major milestones this year will be to complete my art projects for my residency, a show, and also for Night Magic, which will be easier to do now that I got awarded a $12,000 scholarship to help cover costs of living which means more time for art!”

– Evan Wong, Operations

“This year I hope to keep exploring creativity and learning new things. I also want to read more and cook more new recipes!”

– Heather Curtis, Marketing Manager

“My 2020 goal is to grow more of my own food. It’s a no-lose scenario: I can save on my grocery bill and decrease my environmental footprint. I can learn more about horticulture and challenge myself to create new meals and recipes. I love the idea of becoming more responsible for my own sustenance and I want the satisfaction of knowing that everything on my plate was created by me, from scratch.”

– Etienne Dale, Social Media Strategist

“This year, I would like to begin growing my own herbs and eat foods with fewer preservatives. I deal with chronic headaches, and my hope is that eating a bit cleaner will help in eliminating at least some of my headaches. If it doesn’t, at least I’ll be eating a little healthier. :)”

– Rachael Gronberg, Newsletter Coordinator

“My NY resolution is to expand my creative skills – I want to shoot tons more concerts and portraits, try my hand at video, and do lots more film crew work!”

– Kristin Breitkreutz, Blog Manager

“Continue to develop my character & do dope things”

– Jeffrey Baglinit, Community Engagement Coordinator

“For 2020 I’m looking forward to two things! 1- Growing my wedding photography business and booking 1-2 wedding shoots! 2 – Planning my wedding!”

– Joel Warrington, Community Engagement Coordinator

“My resolution is to work on improving my assumptions and judgments about things that happen in my life. There is no way I can control or even prepare for everything but I can improve the way I interpret and feel about these events. My real power lies within being able to step back from what is happening and decide what I do with it. And if there is nothing I can do, then at least I know I did what I could and I need to be accepting of that.”

– Kathy Le, Community Engagement Coordinator

What are some of your resolutions?? Our team has lots of exciting things coming your way this year! Stay tuned…

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