• Kristin Breitkreutz

Photo Locations In and Around Edmonton

It can be hard finding places to shoot in the city and members of our community have made it clear they struggle with this. We ran a question series on Instagram asking people what their favourite photo locations are, these are a few of the answers!


  • The Funicular: The 100 Street Funicular is as fun as its name! Easily accessible, this downtown location sits next to the Fairmont MacDonald Hotel and serves views of the River Valley mixed with modern outdoor architecture.

  • Victoria Promenade: Victoria Promenade is stunning all year round, whether it’s boasting cherry blossoms or autumn leaves. This location overlooks the river valley while remaining walking distance from downtown architecture, including the iconic Pearl building.

  • Ice District: Ice District is a treasure trove. From the Neon Sign Museum to Ford Hall in Rogers Place, take the time to walk around this area to find some neat spots.

  • Ezio Faraone Park: If you were at InstaMeet 22, you’ll recognize this spot. With easy access to the High Level Bridge, a gazebo, and trees that light up when the sun goes down, this location has many unique photo spots in one place.


  • Griesbach Hill: Not only is this hill great for tobogganing in the winter, it’s also a stellar photo location! Climb to the top of the hill for a stunning view of downtown’s skyscrapers. 

  • NAIT CAT Building: Another past InstaMeet location, NAIT’s CAT building boasts modern architecture with popping colours.

  • Hermitage Park: This park features a stunning bridge that makes a perfect backdrop, and it’s dog-friendly as well.


  • UofA Campus: You don’t have to be a student to take advantage of all the University of Alberta campus has to offer.

  • Edge of the Earth: Not to be confused with End of the World, this residential gem is tucked away in Riverbend and gives a lovely view of the North Saskatchewan River between the Terwillegar and Fort Edmonton Footbridges.

  • Fort Edmonton Footbridge: This spectacular footbridge grants easy access to Wolf Willow Ravine and is conveniently located near Fort Edmonton Park (and the Talus Dome!).


Check out our Instagram story highlight “Locations” for more inspiration!

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