• Kristin Breitkreutz

What to Expect at an InstaMeet

I remember my first URBANYEG InstaMeet like it was yesterday, and I remember the anxiety I felt.

I was freshly 18, experimenting with my dad’s old DSLR and testing the boundaries of my comfort zone when I had heard about URBANYEG. My friends were busy, so I chose to go alone. I expected to see people with cameras (and smoke bombs and people climbing fences, from what I had heard from previous InstaMeets). Aside from that, I didn’t know what to expect. When I got off the LRT at Grandin Station, I was tempted to turn around and go home. I was nervous.

Despite the anxiety I felt, I came out of that day with a new passion, budding friendships, and a desire to be part of the URBANYEG community.

It’s okay to be nervous and intimidated when trying new things. I have heard several people say that they waited so long to come to an InstaMeet because they didn’t want to go alone and they were unsure of what the event would be like. Luckily for you, I can share a few things you can expect at an InstaMeet:

First of all, what’s an InstaMeet?

An InstaMeet is short for an Instagram Meetup. URBANYEG will post a location and a time on Instagram where anyone and everyone are welcome to attend a creative meetup. While most of the people who attend are photographers (hobbyists and professionals and everything in between) InstaMeets are open to anyone! Models, videographers, makeup artists, dancers, Edmonton enthusiasts. Even if you don’t want to take photos and just want to meet new people, you’re more than welcome!

Past InstaMeets have been held at locations such as the Alberta Legislature Grounds, the Art Gallery of Alberta, and Ezio Faraone Park. URBANYEG is all about exploring and showcasing the beauty of Edmonton!

A basic run-down:

  • An InstaMeet will typically start 15-ish minutes after the official start time - this gives time for anyone running late to join, so don’t fret if you missed the LRT or got stopped at a few too many red lights!

  • Chan, URBANYEG’s founder and director, will gather the group to welcome everyone to the event and share some insight into what URBANYEG is all about.

  • The rest of the URBANYEG team will introduce themselves.

  • The event will begin! This is when you can take pictures, meet new people, explore new places, and so on. Sometimes there will be a route to follow, sometimes the group will remain at one location.

  • A group picture at the beginning or end of the event.

If you’re worried about not having anyone to talk to at an InstaMeet, here are just a few of the URBANYEG team members you can approach and strike up a conversation!


Our super awesome social media guy, he curates the Instagram feed for URBANYEG. You can talk to him about sports (hockey and MMA are his faves), cooking (what's your favourite taco?) or music (hip hop and R&B all day!).


Jeff is our fantastic Community Engagement Manager. He's traveled to a lot of cool places so you can chat about all the parts of the world he's seen!

Kristin! (aka me!)

I love meeting new people, and I especially love talking about music, coffee, and cute dogs! (disclaimer: you'll find me with black hair now, so don't look for the red!)

Our next InstaMeet is on February 29th from 12-3pm at Allard Hall. Afterwards we’ll be meeting at Naked Cyber Cafe at 3:30pm for a post-meetup wind-down and launching our ticket sales for our upcoming Night Magic event!

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